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At Sanjay Sports Academy, training coaching starts from (timing) and the turnout of the students who trains from the best of the staff is remarkable. Sanjay Sports Academy has three dedicated grounds that are available for rent, for five a side football out of which two of them are Natural grass and one is an Astro turf ground. Along with training and coaching we also rent our football ground on rent on hourly basis.
     Regular tournaments are also conducted and there is a huge response to it. Also as a part of CSR activity, Sanjay Sports Academy has organizes Slum football tournament for the underprivileged children. Football – this game doesn’t need any introduction; immensely popular sport around the world has a huge fan base that includes people from all walks of life. Such is the popularity of this sport that people have adopted this game in their lifestyle. Played and enjoyed not only by the youth, but also adults who find time to play this game which is more than life, and is passion for many.
     India in the past few decades has developed a great liking for this game. With the rise in the game, many sport academies have come up with coaching and training facilities for the same. Sanjay Sports Academy provides the finest football coaching in Pune. Many of the students that are the part of the football coaching from the academy have made their mark in various football competition held across India.